5 Fun Fonts for Kidmin (And How I've Used Them)
I’m always on the lookout for fonts to use for the design work that I do for kids ministry-both for my church and for others. Here are ten fonts that I’ve been using lately and some samples of these fonts in the real world…well, my world.

In general, most of these fonts can been found on Dafont.com under the Cartoon category or Comic category but there are some that I’ve purchased and downloaded from other sites (although free or demo versions of them may be available.)

Since the pandemic began and I had to spend several months creating ministry content only for online consumption, Blitzen Deer has been the font that I’ve used the most. It’s playful and kid-friendly but also clean and very easy to read. This quickly became my main font for most of the things that I publish for our kids ministry.

Hot Grill was my go-to font for our summer day camp. It’s fun and easy to read like Blitzen Deer but it was nice to take use a different font throughout the summer. The link is for the demo version of the font, but I was using the full version.

If you’ve seen any of my Bible Fast Facts with Ebenezer Humdrum videos, you’ve seen this font. It’s a chalk font that includes an outline version, a regular version, and extra design elements. Unfortunately, it’s not a font that you can download for free, but you can find purchase information at the Behance page.

Old School United is a font that I’ve used quite a bit over the years. It works well for sports-themed stuff and for school-themed stuff. I used it for the latter a few months ago for a kids church series we were doing called “GR8KIDZ ACADEMY.”

Hauracherell is another font that I’ve used on lots of different elements. It’s very clean and has an almost comic book vibe to it. It works great on screen or on paperwork and handouts. It’s one of those fonts that is never too far from getting used.
What are some fonts that you use for kids ministry? Share below!
  • Sep 16, 2020
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