5 Ways to Use a DIGITAL PUPPET
Digital puppets are CONTROLLABLE CARTOON CHARACTERS LIVE ON YOUR SCREEN! They're easy to setup and use and they can fulfill so many different roles in your ministry environment. All you would need is the digital puppet and a simple audio/video rig.

1 - Welcome Skit
Digital puppets are the perfect way to start your kids church services in a way that's fun and inviting. They can help your first time visitors feel comfortable and make the entire room break out into raucous laughter even if you're doing something as basic as introducing your kids church rules.

2 - Learn a Bible Verse or Phrase
A quick and productive way to add a large dose of engagement and fun into your kids church service is to have a digital puppet learn the week's Bible verse or lesson phrase. The puppet can mishear or mispronounce words while the segment leader struggles to keep them focused. Hilarity will ensue.

3 - Lead a Game
There are many games that can be led with a digital puppet that require basically no setup. Simon Says, for example, would require nothing more than the digital puppet shouting out commands. The digital puppet could also lead a game like 20 Questions in which it thinks of an item and the kids have to ask questions to try to deduce what that item is.

4 - Quick Transition
This is especially great for kids ministries who are low on volunteers. If you as the ministry leader need another person on stage but you don't have another person available, you can slip offstage and let the digital puppet take over for a few minutes.

5 - Interact at Check-In/Pre-service
Setting up a digital puppet in your check-in or pre-service area would be a great way to give kids something to interact with while their parents are checking them in or they're waiting for kids church to begin. This would make that time really fun while also being really impressive to first time families.

Digital puppets can add a lot of engagement and energy to your ministry environment in so many ways. To get started, check out our selection of digital puppets.
  • Jun 07, 2024
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