All God’s Peeps Full Peep-Themed Kids Church Easter Service
In this 50 Easter Ideas for Kids Church series, we’ve included quite a few ideas using that iconic chunk of congealed marshmallow better known as a Peep.

In fact, there are so many ways you can use Peeps in your kids church service that you could an entire Peep-themed service this Easter!

Here’s what a Peep-themed Kids Church Easter service could look like (click the links for more information on each segment):

Intro Segment - Peep This! (Mallow introduces the Bible verse and key phrase)
Transition Video - Which Peep Will Pop?
Worship Time
Transition Video - Which Peep Will Pop?
Object Lesson - All God's Peeps

Here are some products that would be the perfect fit for a Peep-themed service:

This article is a part of our 50 Easter Ideas for Kids Church series. See the other ideas in this series to ensure that your Easter kids church services are amazing!
  • Mar 25, 2023
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