Basket of Surprises Easter Basket Object Lesson
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Object Lesson:
Hold up an Easter basket and ask the children if they have ever received an Easter basket before. Explain that Easter baskets are often filled with treats and surprises to celebrate Easter.

Explain that just like an Easter basket is filled with surprises, Easter is also filled with surprises. The biggest surprise of all is what happened on the first Easter.

Take out a few items from the basket (such as plastic eggs, candy, or small toys) and relate them to parts of the Easter story:
  1. The first item could be a plastic egg that is empty. Explain that just like the egg is empty, the tomb where Jesus was buried was also empty on Easter morning. Jesus had risen from the dead!
  2. The second item could be a piece of candy. Explain that just like the candy is sweet, the news of Jesus' resurrection was also sweet and brought joy to his followers.
  3. The third item could be a small toy or trinket. Explain that just like the toy is a surprise, the news of Jesus' resurrection was a surprise to his followers. They were not expecting it, but it was the greatest surprise of all.
Summarize the lesson by reminding the children that Easter is a time to celebrate the surprise of Jesus' resurrection. Just like an Easter basket is filled with surprises, Easter is filled with the surprise of new life and hope. Encourage the children to share the good news of Jesus' resurrection with others, just as they might share the treats in their Easter basket.

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  • Apr 04, 2023
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