Blindfolded Peep Toss
Supplies: Peeps, Blindfolds, Basket
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Kids church life hack: the easiest way to raise the stakes in a kids church game is to add a blindfold to it!

This game could easily be just a standard object to basket toss. But once you add a blindfold to it, it because a much more intense affair!

The setup is fairly simple: two players per team. Player number 1 is holding a basket and the Player number 2 is holding a box of peeps. The twist is that player 2 is also blindfolded!

When you start the game, player 2 has to toss a peep and player 1 has to catch it with their basket without moving from their spot. The two of them have to communicate with one another to successfully achieve their goal!

The team with the most peeps in their basket (after a certain amount of time or after they've run out of peeps) will be declared the winners.

Check out this Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement:

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  • Mar 10, 2023
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