Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game
Supplies: Bunny Ears, Inflatable Rings (per team)
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When it comes to Easter images that aren't related to Jesus and His resurrection, the Easter bunny is arguably the most iconic. And its ears are its most distinctive feature.

So here is a game that uses bunny ears in a really fun way!

Two people per team. One person wears bunny ears and another person holds a set of rings.

When the game starts, the person holding the rings attempts to toss them over and around the bunny ears of the other person.

The team with the most rings on the bunny ears is declared the winner.

Check out this Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement:

This game can be played timed or based on the number of rings assigned to each team.

Here are some other ways you can play the Bunny Ears Ring Toss Game.

1) Bunny Ears Solo Ring Toss - in this variation, the competitors are working by themselves. They each have to toss up their rings and catch them with their own bunny ears.
2) Bunny Ears Ring Cross Toss - in this variation, the competitors are battling each other. They have to attempt to get their rings around the bunny ears of their opponent while also defending their own bunny ears from getting ringed...rung.

Safety warning: if you’re having someone toss an object towards another person, that object should be light and extremely soft. For this game, use an inflatable or soft foam ring to prevent any injuries.

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  • Feb 27, 2023
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