Easter Eggvitations
Supplies: Easter Eggs, ministry stickers/labels, church promo material
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How are you inviting your community to be a part of your Easter services this year? That's a question that, unfortunately, we don't ask ourselves until the last minute.

Well this idea will answer that question in a fun, festive and memorable way! Plus, it's an incredible way to get your church families involved in the process!

You'll start with a plastic Easter egg. That small, iconic piece of Easter paraphernalia will hold all of your promo material. Therefore, it's important to think SMALL!

Standard Easter eggs tend to be a little over 2 inches tall and about 1.5 inches wide so you'll want to print out a flyer that can fit within those dimensions. (I don't recommend rolling your flyer up as it could easily be missed.)

You could also add some candy or small toys and some Easter egg grass for decoration.

Then attach the egg halves together and hold it together using one of your ministry stickers or labels!

When they're ready, distribute those Eggvitations en masse!

Check out this Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement:

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  • Mar 14, 2023
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