Egg Tac Toe: Easter Stage Game
Games are a great way to kick off your kids church services! They're fun, high energy and interactive and they can be fun for those participating as well as those that are watching.

Supplies: Wire Cube shelf, set of eggs for each team

This is a great review game that can be done almost impromptu and also makes a great stage display!
Set up a standing Tic Tac Toe board (I recommend a wire cube shelf. They can be a little flimsy but the structure can be quickly reinforced with some well-placed zip ties.)

Here's a visual:

Two teams or players are assigned a uniquely colored or designed set of jumbo-sized Easter eggs. If you can’t find enough of these eggs that are the same color, you can use stickers or decals to decorate them with X’s and O’s.

The game leader asks review or trivia questions and each correctly answered question earns that player or team the opportunity to place their egg into one of the shelf’s cubes.

The player or team to complete a row, column or diagonal line with their eggs will win.

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Egg Tac Toe is a part of our 50 Easter Ideas for Kids Church series. See the other ideas in this series to ensure that your Easter kids church services are amazing!

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  • Feb 20, 2023
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