Eggmoji Interactive Storytelling
Supplies: Easter eggs, Table or other surface

The Biblical narrative of Jesus' death and resurrection is a story that is not only life changing it's also incredibly well-told and emotionally rich.

Also, emojis are a universal method of expressing the entire spectrum of emotions and it's very likely that your kids church kids are very familiar with them.

In this storytelling idea, you'll give your kids the opportunity to interact with the Easter story by helping determine what emotion the people in the story were experiencing.

To set up, you'll use a marker to draw emojis on jumbo Easter eggs. We're going to call these Eggmojis.

Check out this Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement:

Note: You'll definitely want to make Eggmojis with basic expressions (happy, sad, angry, etc.) but I would also recommend making Eggmojis with quirky expressions (star eyes, kissy face, the one with the monocle, etc.)

Then you will place the Eggmojis on a table or other surface with the faces facing the audience and you'll cover them with a sheet or box so they're not immediately visible.

Before you tell the story, you'll inform your kids church kids that you're going to need their help to tell the story. Then you'll unveil the Eggmojis and probably receive a round of applause.

As you tell the Easter story, you'll take moments to pause and ask the kids in your kids church to decide which of the Eggmojis best exemplifies the emotion that a person or group of people are feeling at that moment in the story.

For example:
When Jesus is arrested at the Garden of Gethsemane, the disciples were ANGRY or SCARED.
When Jesus dies on the cross, the disciples were SAD.
When they find that Jesus's tomb is empty they were CONFUSED.
When they learn that Jesus is alive they are HAPPY CRYING.

Note: You might be surprised at the different emotions that kids will suggest as you tell the story. Give them the chance to respond without necessarily nudging them in a certain direction.

This article is a part of our 50 Easter Ideas for Kids Church series. See the other ideas in this series to ensure that your Easter kids church services are amazing!
  • Mar 06, 2023
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