Mighty Morphers: A Socially Distant Superhero Game
If a superhero wants to sharpen his or her superpowers they have to practice. And for superheroes who have the ability to shape-shift that means taking the shape of any object at will.

That’s what this game is about...

Players Needed: 1 player per team (as many teams as you like), panel of judges

Items Needed: 1 picture of an object/animal/person/etc. per round

Instructions: Each player lines up on stage. They are shown an image and have 10 seconds to take on its shape. A panel of judges (or the crowd) will decided the winner of each round.

Notes: This game is as fun as the objects the players have to impersonate. You can be as random as you like to add some hilarity to the mix!

Because this game features one player per team, you are able to keep them as distant from one another as you like. Plus, you can have them play the game at their seat if you like.

Make sure to download our free Mighty Morphers Slides with the instructions and objects built in. All you have to do is drag the slides into your presentation software and you’re ready to go!

This game is part of our Superhero Month. Check out all the other cool Superhero ideas, resources and products by clicking here.

Got any ideas for objects, animals or people to use for this game? Sound off in the comments!
  • Oct 13, 2020
  • Category: Ideas
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