My Favorite Object Lesson for Creation and the Fall
A strong, fun object lesson does more than teach…it can create an unforgettable experience that will ensure that kids will keep wanting to come back to your kids church. It will also imbed whatever you’re teaching into their minds and you’ll be surprised at how many details they’ll recall for years to come!

The following object lesson is one that I’ve used a bunch of different times in many different environments and the results are always the same: chaotic fun and an unforgettable learning experience!

Objective: In this object lesson, kids will learn about the 7 days of creation from Genesis 1 and 2 and also hear the story of the Fall from Genesis 3.

Supplies: table, plate, waffle bowl, ice cream scoop, ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, whipped cream, sprinkles, cherry, bottle of mustard, paper towels

Instructions: In this object lesson, you'll be presenting the story of creation and then talking about Adam and Eve eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. While you're teaching, you'll also be creating a delicious ice cream sundae.

You'll want to set up all of your supplies on a table. You'll be making your sundae in a waffle bowl (or whatever else you want). I like to set up all the elements so they're hidden until I reveal each piece.

The following is the order in which you'll tell the story and prepare your sundae.

Day 1 - Light (Ice Cream)
Day 2 - Sky (chocolate syrup)
Day 3 - Dry ground, plants (caramel syrup)
Day 4 - Sun, moon, stars (whipped cream)
Day 5 - Birds, sea creatures (sprinkles)
Day 6 - Land animals, people (cherry)

The sundae represents the goodness of God's creation. And by the time you've put it all together the kids in your audience will be drooling over how amazing it looks.

After you've created your sundae, you'll talk about Adam and Eve and the serpent that tempted them to disobey God's instruction.

And're going to douse the sundae with mustard!

Notes: This is an INCREDIBLY messy object lesson. You could drape your teaching area with tarps and towels or do anything you can to make cleanup as simple as possible.

Watch the video to see how I taught the lesson. I start the object lesson around 4:30 and you'll get all sorts of little bits and jokes that I've developed after years of doing it! (And yes I did forget the whipped cream!)

  • Sep 19, 2022
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