Peep Head Messy Kids Church Game
Supplies: Peeps, Whip Cream, Goggles, Disposable Ponchos, Towels, Tarp, Trash cans, Cleaning supplies
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What is Easter without Peeps? These vaguely chick or bunny shaped chunk of hardened marshmallows are one of the treats that define the Easter season.

Has anyone actually eaten one? No, never. And yet they’re everywhere. Might as well put them to some use.

And here’s an idea that does just that…

Peep Head is a messy game that your kids will love, requires minimal setup (it might look a little intimidating but it’s really not), and can be cleaned up quickly (if you follow these instructions.)

The first thing you’ll want to do is lay down tarp or plastic sheeting on your game area. And you’ll probably want to secure it with painters tape or other adhesive material. This will save you a ton of time in cleanup.

Second, have a STACK of towels and a trash can available at arms reach from the tarp. This will allow the players to get most of the whip cream off their heads and dispose of their ponchos before heading to a sink. If you don’t do this you’ll probably have a trail of whip cream leading to your bathrooms.

Also, you’ll want to place your most mature and responsible team members in your game area. Equip them with paper towels and/or non-allergenic wet wipes.

Check out this Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement:

And thirdly, you’ll want to ensure that the players exit the game as cleanly as possible. And this requires two steps:

A) Provide a pair of goggles for each player to prevent any eye-irritation and a poncho to protect their clothes (or a thick plastic trash bag with head and arm holes.

B) Select players that you can trust. They should probably be some of the older kids in the room and probably not first-time visitors. Personally, I would pre-select those kids as they come into the kids church environment and quickly speak to their parents/guardians to get approval. (I would still make it seem like we were selecting those kids on the spot.)

Each round will require one player and one assistant (preferably a team member as described above ☝🏽) per team.

The assistant will help the player put on a pair of goggles and a poncho (or other form of protection for the player’s clothes).

The player will be given a box of Peeps and have their head covered in whip cream.

When the round starts, each player will have to stick their peeps to their whip cream-covered heads. At the end of the round, the player with the most Peeps still sticking tot whir heads will be declared the winner

As soon as the round is over, have each player remove their goggles first.

Then have them remove ponchos carefully and immediately put it in the trash can. Then give them a towel so they can get the majority of the whip cream off their head.

Then have the assistant quickly escort the players to the nearest sink.

When the game is over, roll up the tarp quickly but carefully to keep the whip cream from flying all over the place. Dump the tarp into the trash can and clean up any of the remaining whip cream.

Safety notes:
There are two key safety issues with this game: allergies and slipperiness.

Make sure that the players don’t have any skin allergies that relate to either the whip cream or the Peeps. (This is why I’d check with the parents first.)

And the tarp will get more and more slippery the more rounds of the game you play. I would recommend using a tarp made of coarse material and playing no more than three rounds of the game. A quick wipe up of the tarp between rounds will also help.

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