Peep Tac Toe Kids Church Game
Supplies: Different Colored Peeps, tape, Paper plates, whipped cream, surface
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This is a ridiculously fun game that’s an Easter variation on a game that’s been making the rounds on social media.

Set Up:
First, you’re going to spread a liberal amount of whipped cream on nine different paper plates.

Then, you’re going use tape to create a tic-tac-toe board on a surface (a table is fine.)

You’re going to place one whipped cream plate in each of the nine spaces on your tic tac toe board.

Check out this Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement:

Note about visibility: When you’re playing this game, the surface should be located in a very prominent place in your kids church environment. It’s important that the surface is below the eye line of your spectators so they can have a clear view of the game as it’s being played.

The Game:
You’ll invite two competitors to stand on the side of the surface opposite the spectators. (Refer back to the Very Helpful Visual© for some visual reinforcement.)

Each of the spectators will be given a box of Peeps and they’ll take turns throwing a Peep onto one of the plates on the surface.

The first competitor to complete a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of three peeps (you know…tic tac toe) will win.

Notes: This game can be played as a standalone segment in your kids church service and it will be a fun time!

However, it can also be played as a review game. For this you’ll need to split your crowd into two teams. You’ll ask a question based on what you’ve taught that service and the student that answers it correctly will be allowed to place a Peep on the tic-tac-toe board for their team.

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  • Mar 16, 2023
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