PEEPtionary Kids Church Game
Supplies: Peeps, Surface, Word List

During the Easter season, you can't step out of the house without seeing one of those little, yellow, chick-shaped treats that we call Peeps. And while I don't know anyone who has ever actually eaten a Peep, I do know a really fun game that utilizes them.

Now you likely have already either played Pictionary or seen a group of people playing Pictionary.

Here's a video of Jimmy Fallon playing Pictionary with a very random group of celebrities:

The rules of Pictionary are simple: one person receives a secret word or phrase that they draw on a board while their team tries to guess what they're guessing.

Peeptionary works in a very similar way. The only difference is: the word or phrase isn't drawn, it's sculpted out of Peeps.

You'll probably want to create a list of words that are quick and easy to sculpt out of Peeps. (For example, if you're using this game for your Palm Sunday service, one of the words can be 'donkey' or 'palm branch.') But it might be hilarious to include some words or phrases that are totally impossible to sculpt!

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  • Mar 18, 2023
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