Piano Mat Memory Game
Supplies: Piano Mat, (optional) Disposable Blindfolds
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The Piano Mat is a beloved and iconic toy that was popularized by that one scene in the Tom Hanks movie Big. It's exactly what it says it is: a floor mat with a series of piano keys that can be activated with by foot or hand.

As a kids church tool, it fulfills three essential learning styles. It's a visual accessory, it requires touch to use and it creates an auditory experience.

Inspired by the game Simon, Piano Mat Memory is a game that challenges the short-term memory of the player. It can be played with one piano mat but is better with two mats.

The game requires a leader and one or more players. In the first round, the leader plays a single note on a piano mat. The player has to play the same note. On the second round, the leader plays the first note and then adds a second note. The player has to match it. On each subsequent round, the leader plays the previous notes and adds a note. The player has to match those notes for as long as they can.

This game can be played head to head with multiple players competing against one another or with a single player who is playing for an individual reward or a team reward.

Note: Make the game even more challenging by blindfolding the players with disposable blindfolds!
  • Jun 11, 2024
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