Resurrection Symbols Easter Basket Object Lesson
Supplies: Easter Basket, Standable Easter Eggs, Different symbols or object (examples: a small cross, a flower, a butterfly, a heart, etc.)
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Objective: To teach children about the power of Jesus' resurrection and how it transforms our lives.

  1. Show the children the Easter basket and explain that it is filled with Easter eggs that contain special symbols or objects.
  2. Explain that each symbol or object represents something important about Jesus' resurrection. For example, the cross represents Jesus' sacrifice for us, the flower represents new life, the butterfly represents transformation, and the heart represents God's love for us.
  3. Ask the children to take turns picking an Easter egg from the basket and identifying the symbol or object inside. After each egg has been opened, ask the children to think about what it represents and how it relates to Easter.
  4. After all the eggs have been opened, read a Bible verse about Jesus' resurrection, such as John 11:25-26. Explain that Jesus' resurrection gives us hope and transforms our lives, just as the symbols and objects in the Easter eggs represent transformation and new life.
  5. Ask the children to think about how Jesus' resurrection can transform their own lives. Ask them to share ways that they can live differently because of the hope and power of Jesus' resurrection.
  6. Conclusion: Emphasize that Easter is a time to celebrate the power of Jesus' resurrection and the hope and transformation it brings to our lives. Encourage the children to remember the symbols and objects in the Easter eggs and to live with hope and joy because of Jesus' resurrection.

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  • Apr 04, 2023
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