The Crucifixion Story: Gospel Magic Trick
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This is a multiple phase, self-working magic trick that is incredibly visual and easy to perform. (You might also find it called something like Joker’s Tube or Traffic Light Tube.)

The trick starts with a red, yellow and green ball inside of a transparent tube. The balls are removed from the transparent tube which is then covered by another tube. The balls are placed back in the tube (green, then yellow, then red) and when the outer tube is removed, the balls are in a different order than they should be. (This phase can be performed several times in different ways.)

Then, the transparent tube is once again covered by the other tube and the green and yellow balls are placed into it. The red ball is placed in a small box.

The big finish of the trick happens when it’s revealed that the small box is now empty and the red ball has reappeared in the transparent tube.

This trick can be used to tell the entire story of the crucifixion in a very visual and memorable way.

Three men were baptized on that day on Calvary (the red ball represents Jesus and the green and yellow balls represent the thieves on his side) but only one of those men carried our sins (the red ball appears at the bottom of the stack “carrying” the other two.)

And even though Jesus was dead and buried (the red ball is placed in the small box which represents the grave), Jesus defeated death itself (the small box/grave is revealed to be empty) and rose again (the red ball once again appears with the other two balls.) 

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  • Feb 20, 2023
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Brian January 18, 2024

I have never seen this trick before, nor can I find where I can purchase it. Could you please send me a link where I can purchase it?

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