The Feelings of Easter Easter Basket Object Lesson
Supplies: Easter Basket, Standable Easter Eggs, A variety of items to represent different emotions and experiences (examples: a toy car to represent happiness, a tissue to represent sadness, a piece of candy to represent temptation, a Bible verse to represent hope, etc.), Small slips of paper or index cards, pens or markers
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Objective: To teach children about the hope and joy of Easter and how it relates to our lives.

  1. Show the children the Easter basket and ask them if they have ever received an Easter basket before. Ask them what they usually find inside an Easter basket.
  2. Explain that this Easter basket is a little different because it contains surprises that represent different emotions and experiences.
  3. Ask the children to take turns picking an item from the basket and explaining what emotion or experience it represents. For example, the toy car might represent happiness, and the tissue might represent sadness. Encourage the children to share their own experiences and emotions that relate to each item.
  4. After each item has been discussed, ask the children to think about how Easter relates to these emotions and experiences. Ask them what they think Easter can teach us about hope and joy.
  5. Give each child a slip of paper or index card and ask them to write or draw something that gives them hope or joy. It can be a Bible verse, a memory, a person, or anything else that brings them hope and joy. Encourage them to put their slips of paper or index cards in the Easter basket.
  6. Conclusion: Emphasize that Easter is a time of hope and joy, and that Jesus' resurrection gives us hope for eternal life. Encourage the children to remember the true meaning of Easter and to find hope and joy in their own lives, even when things are difficult.

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  • Apr 04, 2023
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