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The Great Turkey Race: Thanksgiving Game
Verse: “I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving.” – Psalm 69:30

Supplies: Balloons, DIY Turkey Costumes

Setup: Inflate a balloon and arrange turkey costume pieces for each competitor of the race. You can determine costume features that will separate the racers; maybe each racer will wear a different color or glasses.

You will also determine the order in which you teach the object lesson and play the game. You can introduce the idea of the Great Turkey Race, play the game and then finish out the object lesson (my recommendation) or you can go through the entire object lesson and then play the game. Up to you.

Object Lesson: Every year around this time in the city of Turkey Town, there is a race. “The Great Turkey Race” brings out some of the finest athletes of Turkey Town. Some of the Turkeys are muscle-bound, powerful turkeys who will depend on their strength and stamina to outlast the competition and win the race. Others are lean, fast turkeys who will rely on their speed and outrun the competitors.

The uniting factor between all of these turkeys, big and small, is that every one of them has spent the entire year training for this very moment. And although there can only be one winner of the Great Turkey Race, every turkey has put in the work and dedication that has even allowed them to compete.

Often we talk about having an “attitude of gratitude” and it would seem that thankfulness is something you feel or something you think. However, true thankfulness is something that we do.

You and I can practice thankfulness in our everyday lives. We can learn to show our family and friends that we appreciate them through acts of kindness. The more we practice thankfulness, the bigger our gratitude muscles will become and the more it will become a natural extension of our lives.

Game: Each racer will place a balloon between his or her leg, flap their wings and gobble as they make their way through your “race track.” You can add obstacles or actions that will make the race more difficult and hilarious!

The racer that makes it to the finish line first will win.
  • Nov 20, 2020
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