Funoodle Twirl and Hurl Stage Game
Funoodle Twirl and Hurl is incredible easy to set up and run and really brings a lot of energy to your service, event, or activity. Chances are you already have a bunch of pool noodles in your storage area (or maybe even decorating your stage) so you might already have everything you need to make it happen.

Category: Stage Game
Supplies: 1 pool noodle per team

Select two players per team. One player will hold the pool noodle and the other will be the counter.
When you start the game, the player with the pool has to complete three simple tasks:
1 - Hold the funoodle to their chest and spin around 20 times.
2 - Throw the pool noodle on the ground and do 20 jumping jacks.
3 - Jump over the pool noodle.

The counter is responsible for keeping track of their teammate's amount of spins and jumping jacks and also helping them keep from falling and getting hurt.
The team that finishes first wins.

Get these amazing graphics to use alongside Funoodle Twirl and Hurl!

(Warning - Make sure you have plenty of empty space in your game area and there are no sharp objects because the players can get really dizzy and fall. Of course, play it at your own risk. Also...keep a puke bucket handy just in case.)

Notes: This is a game that I've led hundreds of times all over the world for audiences of all ages and sizes. It's high intensity and it's as fun to watch as it is to play. A true classic!
  • Jun 16, 2022
  • Category: Ideas
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