Are You Ready for Sunday? 5 Last Minute Ideas, Resources and Products (October 16, 2020)
Sunday is almost here! Are you ready?
Here are 5 last-minute ideas, resources and products to help you finish or improve your service preparation.
The Heroic media pack has everything you need to add a mighty super-punch to your service or activity. It’s got segment bumpers, loops and slides as well as countdowns and extras. And now it’s updated with a fun interactive countdown and PNGs of letters, numbers and symbols that you can use on your print or screen content.
This is a high-paced, multipurpose superhero game. You can adapt it to fit several styles depending on how you’d like it to work within your service or activity. Plus…free game slides!
A socially-distant superhero game that is full of randomness and hilarity. It works perfectly for environments that are social-distancing. Plus…free game slides!
These three superhero-themed countdowns are a great way to add some excitement to your service or activity. The Heroic Interactive Countdown is a 5-minute pre-service countdown and the 60 Second Game Countdown and 30 Second Game Countdown can be added to your game times.
Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been taping our weekly school chapel services. Here is the first one…about creation and the fall. 
  • Oct 16, 2020
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